Payout: 500,000
2,000,000 Alive

Threat Level: 10

Description: Hackjob is the leader of the Slaughterhouse Pirates. Honestly it is hard to imagine how this trog is alive with all the ware he has crammed in him. His age is unknown but he is a massive 11 feet tall of solid metal and muscle. He regularly sharpens his horns along with the teeth on his cyber jaw. What skin he is showing seems to imply he was once hispanic but it is hard to say for sure. He has a reputation of brutality, yet still seems to be at least somewhat intelligent as all the ships they have were stolen from Knight Errant and the Carribean Navy

His current location is unknown

The bounty is being paid out by Ares and The Caribbean government both of which want him dead.

Though Yakashima Technologies is offering a substantial price for him alive


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