Tropic Sun, Deep Shadows

Eyes on the Horizon

The Worst Part Of A Party Is Finding The Right Heels

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said “The man with insight enough to admit his limitations comes nearest to perfection.” While von Goethe was famous for his poetry, the man had a beautifully twisted mind, in fact his erotic works were some of his best.

I don’t have a bad memory, in fact my job requires me to be able to remember everything with stunning clarity, but putting things to text is a good way to filter through events and, as von Goethe would say, admit limitations and get nearer to perfection. In this light, I’ll be keeping logs of my new foray into Shadowrunning.

On the 23rd of December, 2077, I was called up and told to meet with a distasteful dwarf by the name of Lurick. The savage ran a sandwich shop that smelled painfully curdled soy – I imagine he hasn’t cleaned his stove in years. I convinced Lurick to give me 10,000 nuyen up front for the purposes of bribes – money I would end up needing – and went to meet the crew.

It appears that there has been a high mortality rate with this group, with the longest running being a quiet, augmented human by the name of 6-gills. The other was a female troll named Sonya. She seemed to have no idea of why she was there, or what she was expected to do, was wearing a ratty hooded sweatshirt and stank to high heaven. Unfortunately, I had already taken Lurick’s money.

Sonya stayed at Lurick’s place and rather gorged herself while 6-gills caught me up to speed on the job. Apparently Lurick was caught off guard by the woman, and took the time to explain the situation to her, and before long I received a message from Sonya saying she had a better understanding and asking how she could contribute. I told her that she needed to get a dress, a shower, perfume. The basics to attend a high society function. A few hours later she sent me a message with her covered in blood. I’m not sure what else I should have expected when I asked a Russian Troll to be resourceful and get money. I told her to collect the loose cash, drugs, ammo and similar and guided her through the process – presumably she has them where she is staying.

Breaking down the problem, I realized we needed security information, and the guest list if we were going to infiltrate a high society party and extract this rocket scientist, so I called up the party manager and left a message, trying to convince her I needed a copy of the guest list for the purposes of avoiding allergies. She was away for Christmas so I turned to the second part of the job – getting information on security.

I went to a local knight errant watering hole and strip club – a lovely, if somewhat sad girl was working the table and took me to the back. Unfortunately I had to keep cover as an CASian looking for company on Christmas Eve. Over the night, and far more soy-based whiskey than I ever planned to suffer through, I convinced one of the officers to call up his boss – the bodyguard of the target we would be extracting – and have it out with his boss. I managed to pick up a handful of names, enough to pass on to Webster who, with some pointed prodding, was convinced to do what he does. He got back to me on the 28th with some truly useful information. I swear that man is the physical embodiment of the DMV – infuriating, corrupt and with far too much access to people’s information.

With his information I was able to track down one of the people doing security who was struggling with gambling debts, after a cost of 6,000 nuyen (This is why I asked for a sign on bonus) I managed to convince him to hand over security information on the party. He ended up scouting me out at the payment dropoff after hacking my metalink, so I destroyed the phone to prevent him from tracking me in the future. Still, at least it shows intelligence. Idiots are horribly prone to periods of moral confusion. I got ahold of 6-gill and told him to break into the second floor – the employees only section with only stair access. He did say he was adept as breaking and entering, lets hope he can avoid the cameras.

With that done, I had a meeting with Yvone Slandis, the party manager for the hotel. After an infuriating wait and a 50 nuyen hot milkshake mascaraing as a mocha, I was escorted through a building that was, as far as I can imagine, built as a monument to the uncanny valley and single-tone architecture and design reminiscent of the modern styles of the very last hairs of the 1900’s.

Yvone came off as an obsessive, whose identity was firmly embedded in her career – manipulable, but dangerous. I’ll be storing a metalink with the Benjamin Sharpe identity in a PO box I rented as she was asking more questions than I rather like, though I did seem to convince her that I was an understudy for the person heading catering, working as a secretary and personal intern. Horizon is familiar enough with the practice of hiring skilled help for free on the basis of “exposure and experience” and the promise of an eventual job that I don’t think it should take much to believe. I did get the guest list all the same, and I’ve sent it around to 6-gill and Sonya, and I’m in the process of picking out a nice woman who needs a +1.

6-Gill also lent Sonya enough money for a quality SIN, though at a fairly cruel interest rate. It’s a cruel business.

What we know so far -

1st Floor – Lobby, Cafe, Fenced of Pool w/ 2 pool bars
2nd Floor – Employees Only. Stair access
3rd Floor – Club. 1 door that says employees only. 4 elevators and stairs. Dance floor is over the ocean. Jacuzzi
4th Floor – Private spa, sauna, oasis themed pool with water falling from the walls. Conference rooms.
5th Floor – Garden, heavy AR, artificial sun. Reflecting pool, with trees in the center.
6th Floor – A pair of restaurants. Authentic Cuban, Asian Fusion
7th Floor – A pair of restaurants. Itallian, and Vegan Food
8th – 30th Floor – Economy Rooms
31st – 48th – Luxury Rooms
49th – 50th – Penthouse Suites
Parking Garage across the street

Yvone Slandis – Party Manager
Benny Dubai – Club Manager

Party will be on the 3rd floor.

The rigger handling the drones goes by Toby.

Daniel Webster – Serving with KE for 15 years. Havana for 2. Secretly gay. Reason he was passed over for Firewatch was due to failure of mental aptitude tests. Lacked self-control and ability to adapt on the fly. Heavily augmented. Cyberams. Very good quality eyes and ears. Very good sniper. Good unarmed combat.

The hotel is covered in cameras but lacks other sensors, including audio. The elevators have MAD scanners in them, but it’s a subtle affair. The only location without cameras is the bathroom. There are roughly 20 knight errant units on duty that night, with an HTR on site with 10 individuals. The ceilings drop dobermans, and each hallway has turrets, likely the fairly standard and ubiquitous Ares Arms Sentry V, but the turrets are equipped with Ares Alphas. The Ares Arms Sentry V is a rail system without wireless access however, which makes them highly mobile and unhackable.



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