Lurick Perez

Kind of a dick. RFID tags aren't a condiment.


Height: 4’7
Weight: 426 lbs
Age: 58
Eye Color: 1 Brown 1 Gold Cybereye
Hair: Blonde


Lurick was born back in 2017 to a family of humans back when the CAS was part of a larger nation. He was one of the first Dwarfs in Houston Texas and found himself left at a McDonalds when he was only 6 years old. Growing up on the streets is rough, now consider being a Dwarf right as the first wave of goblinization happened, along with being in a state renowned for its racism. Suffice to say Lurick is one lucky son of a bitch, put simply he didn’t die like his family most likely hoped he would.

At 13 he joined the 51st Street Crushers, an old anti human gang in Houston. He started off small running packages for the higher ups. A year later he was one of the stick up kids stealing commlinks and boosting cars. A few years later at the young age of 17 he was one of their enforcers answering to none but the boss and his right hand. Unfortunately for his gang they became the target of a local Humanis Policlub. Between a combination of local law enforcement and shadowrunners Lurick found himself locked up looking at 15 years.

His time in prision was not spent solely on lifting weights and gang fights though. He found he finally had an opportunity to get an education, albeit a prison education. By keeping his head down and in the books he ended up being released early on good behavior.

28 years old and a free educated man Lurick saw endless opportunities in his future the sky was the limit. Of course the world isn’t that kind especially to Dwarfs with a criminal SIN. As much as he tried no amount of charisma could get him a legitimate job. Desperate to not turn back to ganglife he enlisted in the CAS military. But being called a Halfer all day long wasn’t that different than prison, and after 4 years he left not bothering to re-enlist.

Instead he signed up with Black Star an anarchist merc group. Serving with them were some of the best years of his entire life. Traveling the world, fighting in exotic locals, fraternizing with locals, whats no to love. I suppose a sane man wouldn’t love the gunfire and bombs going off over his head. But Lurick loved it, he served with them for over 20 years fighting in countless war zones across Africa and the Middle East. He eventually even found himself in the AZ-AM war. Unfortunately for him they fought on the wrong side. The Black Stars were annihilated in Bogota, yet somehow his good luck held out and he only lost an eye, along with both of his legs. Still there was some good to come out of his time in Amazonia.

See it was in Amazonia that he met the love of his life an Orc named Rocino. He met her fighting on the front lines in Bogota, and when he saw her gut 12 Aztec Leopards with a tree branch. Though a war zone is no place for a pregnant woman so Lurick had Rocino and his unborn child smuggled out to Trinidad. When Lurick crawled his way out of that hell hole of a jungle with some new cyberlegs he went straight to Rocino. It had been almost 2 years since he had seen her and found he had a new daughter, Luna.

Reunited with his family he moved them to Havana Cuba and opened up a small bistro. Rocino was a good cook and Lurick’s connections made sure they had supplies. These days his wife tends the restaurant while Lurick manages a few small runner teams on the side. Though the word on the street is he’s looking to assemble a team of professionals for a major job.

Lurick Perez

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