Tropic Sun, Deep Shadows

Resident Evil 4.5

Where the Zombies move from Mexico to the Caribbean

After the events of the previous weeks, the ship headed to the island of Borinquen, once known as Puerto Rico. In the Az-Am war, Borinquen got the worst of it, with Aztlan targeting the dragon Sirrug and wiping turning the island into a wasteland. At this point, the island is slums on top of slums. Some rebuilding efforts exist, but nothing organized. Smells like shit. Only one bar, and the only thing on the tap is rubbing alcohol.

We were told to find a few new recruits from the dregs of the island and I decided to leave that to our revered leader. Sonya quickly managed to find one person – a random ork who was willing to try his hand at the test to “Shoot her and if you miss, I hit you.” Lurick patched the rest of us in with someone else – the self proclaimed “explosive specialist” by the name of Twitch. So a random pickpocket who can shoot a troll the size of a barn from a few feet, and a guy with a thing for explosives. At least I didn’t have to sit for the interviews.

When we got back to the boat, we found out our doctor hadn’t shown up. Not by the time we were going to set off either. Sonya got in my face and demanded I do some magic detecting, not knowing what she was talking about, and we ended up setting off on foot to get the idiot’s ass out of the fire. We tracked him down to a hospital that had been renovated into a slum town and I picked up a few signs of spirits in the area. I know Sonya tried her hand at the local brand of trade and managed to break some things – I hunted down a few nasty spirits who weren’t much help, but were living comfortably in dead bodies. Following a rumor I sent Sonya up to the fourth floor (I myself was busy – no need to explore up there on my own) but she came back down cowering like she saw a ghost. I decided it was probably a sign of bad juju and we chalked the doctor up to dead.

When we got back to the ship, we found out that Scrounge, our rigger, had found himself on the wrong side of a “zombie shark” – a dead shark that had been possessed by a spirit. He took care of the bastard handily, but there was still a fisherman who had been giving us the eye all day, all spirit possessed and whatnot. I had planned to let him go, but with the situation as it was, I axed him in the face and sent his spirit scurrying, let’s hope the Valkyries take the poor bastard to Valhalla.

We had left a speed boat behind the ship which was on a schedule, and tried to catch up before we lost fuel. We made good time, but an astute assensing (which got in my eyes and messed with my more mundane vision) showed signs of overwhelming greed, some element of plotting and malice, and the same spirits on the ship. Infuriated after the death and horror on Borinquen.

When I got to the ship, I marched right to the Captain, but not before Scrounge managed to spray Todo’s (The ship’s rigger) spirit possessed brains across the wall. Todo had managed to disable the guns, the cameras, basically the whole “Security bit” most likely to leave us dead in the water for whatever pirate crew was hiding among the dregs of Borinquen.

I was done with the captain though, called him out, pointed out (quite nicely I’ll note) that he was a damned idiot. He flared up with some magic fear aura and sent us all running. I managed to get just enough control for a moment to jump myself with a cocktail of drugs, but the damn injector screwed up and gave me a bonus dose to regret. It was enough to Irish me up (The phrase actually doesn’t refer to giving courage, but giving you a chance to do something damned stupid) so with Odin’s blessings on my tongue, I called for a mutiny of the crew and charged in. I got a few good swings into the black-blooded bastard before he threw himself out of the window and let the Captain hit the deck – the spirit no doubt took off.

Can’t attest to the heroic of the rest of the crew much, but I believe Sonya started throwing grenades, and the other spirit-possessed bodies on the crew gave Twitch a chem-grenade bath, left by our favorite elf-bitch.



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