Tropic Sun, Deep Shadows

From the Jungles to the Ball Rooms

The group met the Johnson to collect their money while Rekt was invisible. The Johnson gave over a credstick which only contained 10,000 nuyen, when the party argued he gave another one filling out the rest of the sum, but as he got onto the boat a series of debuffing spells hit the group. Vent and Cat Lady were immediately paralyzed while Rekt was unaffected. 6-Gill was debuffed but not paralyzed, and jumped into the water. The group quickly took out nearly everybody on the boat, while leaving the teenage girl alive, and Vent turned into a snapping turtle and went into the water. At this point most of the visible threats were dealt with, but there were at least two individuals firing arrows from the trees, and the young girl had disappeared.

An unknown party caused Rekt to see red, going berserk and turning his attention on the group. He killed the girl’s hellhound, then jumped under the water to target both 6-gill (knocking him unconscious and sending him downriver) and using grenades to kill Vent. Unfortunately, in doing so he nearly drowned. DocWagon responded and, just in time, managed to save him, but handed him over to the police. Before he could be booked Rekt ran away.

Cat Lady got lost in the jungle and had an encounter with a free spirit, and was forced to trade off her karma, going into debt to the spirit, in order to get her freedom, but made it back to town before being spotted and taken in for questioning by the police. The police were under the impression that she was a kidnapping victim, and she left unmolested.

6-Gill got turned around and it took him two days to return to Havana, but he did arrive unmolested.

On December 21st, after a severe verbal berating from Lurick, he sent them to meet the Johnson for a new job, told to be an extraction. The group went to meet a Johnson in a hotel for a next job, and were greeted by the maid. The Johnson stood about 5’11, looked to be about 60 with a full beard, groomed and combed. White short cropped hair, looked to be mexican or southern white, possibly mixed race. The group met him while he was bathing and he came out in a purple bath robe. He offered drinks and informed them that with their current numbers (6-gill, Cat Lady and Eclaire)

Robert M. Pendleton, a lead developer on Ares Thor Shot, and a leading member of his field developing space technology. The group was informed that they would receive no direct reprisal from Ares due to it being an inter-company matter, simply because they were refusing to sell him to Horizon. A new Horizon hotel is opening and hosting a party. The party will be held on the 4th floor in a complete grand ball room on New Years Eve. Mr. Pendleton will be accompanied by Tammy Nicholes, a horizon supermodel and his girlfriend / +1. There will be a number of movie stars, models and singers, along with their +1’s, including Robin Felandri, starring in the most recent Star Wars film and other sci fi / fantasy. The Johnson requested an autograph.

The hotel is 50 stories tall. The sublevel is primarily for the workers, for storage and the kitchens. There is a parking garage across the street, built on the eastern beaches in Horizon’s territory. There is a private dock reserved for VIPs, yachts and cruise ships. Mr. Pendleton will be accompanied by Daniel Wilson, a captain of Knight Errant, rejected from Firewatch multiple times. Knight Errant will be providing security. Do not kill Robin Felandri. Do not cause mass murder.

Mr. Pendleton has bright blue eyes, physically fit and messy hair. He seems to be well-liked. Tammy Nicholes, is a fairly standard model, though a redhead, very plastic. Daniel Wilson has obvious cyberarms, stubby nose, brown hair, brown eyes. Obviously white.

An extraction from a Horizon building,



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