Tropic Sun, Deep Shadows

Finding A Tempo

In which a robo crab fights a magic dog.

The remainder of the group ended up going more than a month without work and decided to go looking. They were pointed towards a wetwork job on a Miguel Rodriguez. They found out over the course of investigation, as well as with the assistance of two new recruits, that the greenhouse had plants that can be used in drug production as well as in the creation of Nitro. A full map was obtained, as well as information on the family, including Miguel Rodriguez, his wife Henrietta Rodriguez, Miguel Rodriguez Jr, and the daughter Maria Rodriguez. Pascal Bordello is the nanny, a large, bald Caucasian man with cyberarms.

Moment of Clarity got into a decking war with Miguel Jr while trying to get information on Miguel Sr.’s commlink, and ended up having a number of hellhounds sicked on him. He managed to kill the hellhound and covered himself in its blood in order to throw off the scent of the pursuers. He managed to make it to the highway where he attempted to steal a vehicle, unfortunately his lack of driving experience landed him in a ditch. Rekt was given a warning when the situation went to crap, and managed to create a papoose out of lead pipes and excess sheets. He arrived in the nick of time and managed to save Moment of Clarity, before taking a dose of Kamikaze, turning on his flash shield and charging the enemy – thinking that there was no particular chance of getting the bonus from doing it stealthy turned on the guards and gunned them down in broad daylight before disappearing into the jungle.

The group reconvened and decided that they would make the hit in a louder manner that night, leaving at midnight. Vent DeBout used the assistance of a spirit to gather a swarm of cats, and had his spirit possess a chupacabra. Clarity, with the assistance of 6-Gill, found a vehicle to hack into and use. They rolled up from the back road and went into the bunkhouse where the zombies lived. They used a crowbar to break through the door and went into the basement, trying to use the back entrance to push through.

While in the basement they found boxes filled with drugs, and ended up in a firefight against a few spirits, one of which being an ally spirit, as well as a host of guards and Pascal Bordello – the Supernanny.



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