Tropic Sun, Deep Shadows

Big God Damned Heroes

Who uses a flamethrower in a rain forest?

The captain put us down on the island of Jamaica, specifically in a poverty-stricken city of Kingston. The captain, after the bit of trouble with Elf-Bitch, had decided we were to sit on guard duty on the boat. Sonya consulted with our doctor and they made a plan to evenly spread everyone around the boat. I told them to stuff the plan. It was a stupid plan, and I don’t follow orders from some overblown…..

Trying to keep nonbias. These records are for prosperity. Sonya and I threw words back and forth, i managed to offend a few of the crew with my use of the T-word – and she took a few of my lagers. Disrespectful. That’s what it was about really. Don’t touch a man’s lager and order him around. Optimized guarding plan…phh.

Moving on, we got an emergency call from the ground unit, they were under attack during a pickup and needed immediate backup. We ran into the city, found a vehicle, I tore off the door while Sonya tried to bribe the owner and Scrounge hot wired the thing (Old style vehicle.) Sonya tried to wind surf from the top. When we got to the warehouse, we saw everything was basically on fire. We took out the locals who were using shoddy, homemade flame throwers. One died to a troll-propelled car door. A few fire spirits tried to screw with us, but to no effect. We managed to save who we could, and another fight on leadership started.

Sonya wanted to get out of there, I put my foot down and said we were going to bring back the cargo and the three bodies of those who died. Some hot words were thrown out, and I told her to get out. I walked back to town (with something magical following me the whole way) and payed a few hundred to borrow a truck without working breaks (The fact the breaks didn’t work was not given to me before the purchase) but I managed to make my way back to where I had hidden the goods. A spirit was hanging out in the area, nothing hostile, but it was curious all the same. I left a few reagents for it to munch on (I’m assuming they eat them? The hermetics I used to work with called them dog treats.) and started to leave when the rest of the team showed up.

Sonya demanded I let her ride on my roof, accused me of trying to take off without her, and in the end forced me to promise I wouldn’t run off. Couldn’t wrap her head around why I wanted to take the bodies back to the crew.

In the end we saved the day, got the cargo back, and were Big God Damn Heroes.



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