Welcome to the Caribbean League chummers. Still one of the top 10 places to vacation in the 6th world. But don’t start thinking that the League is all sunshine, white beaches, blue water, and fancy hotels. Blood is way cheaper than rum on these islands, and leaving the resorts is a quick way for you to leave this world.

You’ll quickly find that no island is the same. You see the Caribbean was ground zero for the largest VITAS outbreak in the world. One in three people lost their lives to the early strains. Well that left those islands ripe for the picking. The corps were quick to try to seize control but there is nothing more dangerous than a scared, starving desperate man. With no infrastructure and people dying by the thousands many turned to piracy. It wasn’t until 2020 that people across the Caribbean banded together under the leadership of Guadalupe Martinez and formed what is now the Caribbean League. Forming a league gave them a voice on the global stage, and they were able to bring in scientists from John Hopkins to curb the spread of the disease.

Which brings us to 2075 certain places have recovered better from the plague yet others still suffer. Havana, Cuba is now the premier tourist destination bringing people in from all over the world. While Jamaica could easily be considered hell on earth. Puerto Rico now known as Borinquen is now a corp free zone, with all the disadvantages that comes with. Surprisingly Haiti isn’t doing to badly, though that is mostly thanks to Yakashima Technologies. The last major area is the Miami Metroplex, which joined the league in 2034, must be nice for them joining after VITAS had ran its course.

The fact of the matter is the League is run by criminals. The Martinez family is still in control of the government and has its fingers in everything across the islands. Pirates rule the sea, while the Mafia Families control the cities. Oh and don’t forget about Zobop who control the zombie trade in the islands. That’s right zombies, while slavery is illegal many people seem to find themselves zombified and sold as workers. Working long days for zero pay, but hey if your lucky they might just release you after a few years. Then you have The Ghost Cartels pushing their drek out of Amazonia. Meanwhile you have the Vory and the Triads trying to reclaim lost territory.

While corps, syndicates and gangs tend to rule the land the sea is ruled by the pirates. About 5 years ago The Gingerbread Man was the King of these waters, but when he met his end off the cost of Africa it all fell into chaos. Now we have several groups fighting over everything, including The Gingerbread Man’s daughter Gingersnap.

So that’s the gist of it Omae, Kane was kind enough to make some more detailed files which you can find here Main Page. Life down here is brutal but if your lucky, smart, and keep your eyes open you can live like a king. Just remember the brighter the light the darker the shadows…

  • The Librarian

Tropic Sun, Deep Shadows

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